Teeth Whitening at The Urban Dentist | Richmond, B.C.

Teeth Whitening in Richmond, B.C.

Infographic comparing smiles before and after teeth whitening

Brighten Your Smile with Dr. Kwong

We offer a safe and affordable option to whiten your teeth. At our Richmond BC dental office, we will fabricate custom made trays that are specialty designed to fit snugly around your teeth. We will also provide you with a bleaching agent that is much stronger and safer than what you can get over the counter. You wear these trays with the bleaching agent in them for a period of two to four weeks to achieve the desired result. Since our teeth will continue to stain over time, you can end up reusing the exact same trays with a refill of the bleaching agent to keep your teeth looking nice a bright.

This is better than having to come into the office for another costly round of in-office bleaching.