Custom Mouthguards at The Urban Dentist | Richmond, B.C.

Customized Mouthguards in Richmond, B.C.

Protection for Athletes

We are currently running a promotion for new patients at The Urban Dentist in Richmond.  If you become a new patient of ours, we will make you a custom made mouthguard for $50 instead of the $350 we normally charge.  Come in for an exam and cleaning and we’ll make the mouthguard for you that is the same cost as a boil and bite, saving you over $320. 

Here at the Urban Dentist we have patients that range from elite athletes to weekend warriors.  We recommend mouthguards to our patients who participate in contact sports such as hockey, rugby, basketball, field hockey and football.  We make custom mouthguards that fit better and are more comfortable than the conventional boil-and-bite mouthguards that are commonly available.  Mouthguards are composed of a resilient, cushioning material that protects the athelete from severe concussions and broken teeth.

Recent studies have also been published that advocate the use of mouthguards to enhance athletic performance.  The rational is that many people clench and grit their teeth when playing sports.  At the same time, most people will be breathing through their mouths when exerting themselves. With clenched teeth, the airway is restricted and less oxygen gets to your working muscles.  A mouthguard maintains a larger airway opening so that more oxygen can be delivered to your muscles, giving you more strength and reducing fatigue.  As a result, we can now offer custom made mouthguards for non-contact sports like golf, tennis, and badminton.