Dentures and Partial Dentures in Richmond, B.C.

Complete & Partial Dentures in Richmond, B.C.

Fill the Gaps in Your Smile

Partial dentures are one of the ways we can replace missing teeth.  The advantage of the partial denture is that it is a low cost solution for multiple missing teeth.  With one partial, you can replace all the missing teeth in either your upper or lower dental arch.  They are however removable.  Food can tend to be trapped underneath the denture, and they do take getting used to.  Partials that replace upper teeth may sometimes cover your palate and lower partials will have a strip of material underneath your tongue to connect one side of the partial to the other.

Here at the Urban Dentist, we offer two types of partials.  One has metal clasps that may be visible and the other is all plastic with no visible metal clips.  The metal partials tend to be more durable and last longer.  The plastic one looks more attractive, but need to be replaced more often.

Complete dentures are a last resort for patients.  The retention and comfort of complete dentures can never match having teeth that are not removable.  In today’s environment, we no longer recommend conventional lower dentures because they are too loose and uncomfortable.  The standard of care nowadays is to have at the very least an implant supported lower denture.  This appliance is far superior to a loose lower denture that is dislodged by movements of the cheek and tongue.  Two implants are placed in the lower jaw and a lower denture clips onto the implants for support.   Upper dentures that have the palate and gums to support it are perfectly acceptable without implants.

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